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Past Workshops

The second Integration and Policy Workshop for the RenewElec project took place at Carnegie Mellon University on October 20 and 21, 2011. Workshop participants included members from the academic, government and industry communities. Topics of discussion included:

  • Payments to retain (and increase) the assets needed to provide fill-in power, including batteries
  • Financial compensation for balancing VER
  • Demand response
  • Land use and decommissioning
  • Storage
  • Wind farm operating decisions
  • Data requirements and data quality

The first Integration and Policy Workshop for the RenewElec project took place at Carnegie Mellon University on October 21 and 22, 2010. The goal of this workshop was to identify research gaps related to the large scale integration of renewable resources and how the RenewElec project can help fill these gaps. We had over 50 participants representing electric power companies, energy consulting firms, independent research institutions and the National Labs. We prepared and presented 15 white papers. Copies of the papers and the associated presentations can be downloaded from the links on this page.

Workshop PDF PPT
A Review Of Large-scale Renewable Electricity Integration Studies
An Overview Of State Renewable Portfolio Standards
Bio-based Electricity - How Biomass Resources Can Support Renewable Electricity Policies
Decommissioning Funds For Renewable Energy Facilities
Estimating Regulation Reserve Requirements As Wind Generation Increases - A Problem Definition
Gas Turbine Development Needed To Aid Wind Power Integration
Greater Use Of Combined Heat And Power To Support Renewable Integration
High Voltage Power Electronics Technologies For Integrating Renewable Resources Into The Grid
ISO Rules For Intermittent Generation
Load Management Strategies To Support The Grid-integration Of Intermittent Renewable Resources
Novel Strategies To Reduce Variation Of Wind And Solar Generation At Its Source
Plug-in Electric Vehicles And Renewable Energy Integration
Prediction Of Variability
Preliminary Survey Of Ferc Renewable Electricity Regulatory Initiatives
The Role Of Energy Storage In Renewable Power Integration